Born 1970 in Poole, Dorset, England. Graham currently spends time in Marbella, Southern Spain, and Poole, Dorset, UK. Being left handed with a natural self-taught talent and unique eye for color, he started his career as a commercial artist at the age of 17, producing artwork for The Walt Disney Company amongst other world leading companies, and for the next 20 years went on to create hundreds of scenes sold all over Europe, South Africa, the far east and middle east. Graham also provided art for many style guides, setting the standards for many other artists to follow.

After years of fine work, and with a rare talent and versatility, he wanted to “let go” and explore painting with oil on canvas. Having long wanted to express his creativity in a free and dynamic way he chose to paint with a palette knife. The warmth, light and richness of colors found in the Mediterranean where he has a home, give him the perfect inspiration and environment to stimulate and increase his love for painting.

Graham works with a palette knife, a metallic tool with a wooden handle, not unlike a refined builder’s trowel and along with oil paint he mixes “buttery” lumps of color straight from the tube to his palette, and then on to the canvas. It takes a skilled and talented artist to use a palette knife and Graham is a master in this technique. He uses the knife to create dynamic, textured strokes and subtle highlights not achievable with brush. The beauty of this tool allows him total control of stroke, color and textures which in turn bring his originals to life.

The art is filled with texture, light and romance. It encompasses tranquil water lily scenes, lively and colorful landscapes of Europe, Mediterranean and Caribbean seascapes, and the mystical magic of Venice, which has drawn the attention of many previous masters.

Influenced greatly by Claude Monet and other masters of the impressionist era, Graham is motivated to source and encapsulate images from all over the world, and to bring them to you, so that you can enjoy these timeless works of art.

Graham receives numerous private commissions, holds one man shows, exhibits in galleries world-wide including Chelsea, Tribecca, New York and Las Olas Ft Lauderdale. His art work sells to international collectors of fine art both on land and at sea. He is fast becoming a much sought after name with celebrities, collectors and buyers of impressionism and contemporary fine art. Graham´s art has appeared on television, he has taken part in numerous radio interviews and been featured in many publications. He is one of the world’s leading contemporary palette knife artists.

Graham says,

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity in life to do something I love, the tremendous feeling of expectation as I stand before each new canvas. I love to observe life and stand in awesome wonder at God’s creation and its endless palette of colors and light. I am truly honored and grateful to have this gift and intend on using it to the full for the enjoyment of others. I welcome and invite you to discover my original works of art, I believe there is something for everyone and I hope you will have as much enjoyment from them as I have in painting them”

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